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Doing interesting, innovative materials work? Make your next submission Matter!

Hi all, 

Just wanted to share that the first issue of Matter was released last week. Matter is a new materials science journal from Cell Press. Our goal is to be a high impact offering, on par with Nature Materials. Check out our first issue here:

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Senior Editors Wanted: New Cell Press Journal In Materials Science

Hello iMechanica community!

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of a new journal from Cell Press in the general field of materials science. So new in fact, that the title of the journal is yet to be finalized!

swcranford's picture Can molecules make music? is a crowdfunding site for research (a Kickstarter for science!).

Open to all, a target amount for a project is set, and funds are raised through small individual donations. The success is based on how many people like your idea. It's kind of a fun/alternative idea to traditional grant sources! If you have an interesting idea, I recommend it.

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Call for Abstracts; EMI 2015 Stanford

Dear colleagues,

I invite you to submit an abstract to the following minisymposium: Modeling and Characterization of Nanocomposites and Molecular Heterostructures as part of the Engineering Mechanics Institute annual conference at Stanford University.


Best Regards,

Steven Cranford

Northeastern University


MS 12: Modeling and Characterization of Nanocomposites and Molecular Heterostructures

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USNCCM Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Two talks tomorrow:

1. Meso-Origami: Folding and Assembly of Single and Multilayer Graphene Sheets
2. Hierarchical Mechanics of Spider Silk, from Molecules to the Web

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