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ES 240 project: Sloshing of a liquid in a cylindrical tank

Although this is a class in solid mechanics, I chose a project which focuses on fluid dynamics. I did this because I think this project will be very educational with respect to the Finite Element Analysis and mechanics in general.

Mechanics of Materials by F.P. Beer, E.R. Russell Johnston Jr. and J.T. DeWolf

Mechanics of Materials is the book I used for my undergraduate course in strength of materials and it helped me understand the basics, and hence my selection. 

The outline is as follows:

Ch. 1: Introduction -  concepts of stress

Ch. 2: Stress and strain - axial loading

Ch. 3: Torsion

Ch. 4: Pure bending

Ch. 5: Analysis and design of beams for bending

Ch. 6: Shearing stresses in beams and thin-walled members

Ch. 7: Transformations of stress and strain

My first entry


My name is Pawel and I am a Junior in Harvard College, studying Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering.

The only course in solid mechanics I've taken so far is the Harvard's undergraduate intro course ES 120 - I guess it's similar to intro courses offered at other universities. Bits and pieces of solid mechanics also appeared in some other courses, but mostly in a very basic form.

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