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Need help in executing ANSYS subroutine userpr

Dear all

I need help in executing ANSYS user programmable feature (UPF), specifically subroutine userpr (changing element pressure information) for my 2D model. I have read the manual but don't understand the subroutine program structure (attached below). Can someone kindly explain how can I activate and run the subroutine?


"Subroutine Userpr text file":

How to combine or embed a link into an area in ANSYS?

Using ANSYS, I'm trying to create a single 2D cell model that has 3 components - nucleus (represented by a circular area), cytoplasm (represented by a circular area) and cytoskeleton (represented by a line). When I apply a load on the model, the link element of the cytoskeleton does not deformed whereas the rest of the solid elements (nucleus and cytoplasm) deform.  I can't find a function that i can use to glue the line to the area of interest. Does anyone know how to combine or embed a link into an area?

Thanks & regards,

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