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Seeking Summer Internship Opportunity

I am a third year undergraduate student of IIT Kharagpur ( In the coming summer, we are supposed to do summer training in some industry in, or out of India, whereas if we want to do internship in a university it must be a foreign university (internship in Indian universities is not allowed).

An Elastic Plate Problem

It would be very helpful for me if somebody clarifies the following problem: Suppose a beam with simply-supported boundary condition is loaded by uniformly distributed load. One can find out the moment and shear force at any point on the beam by finding forces at the boundaries and then considering equilibrium of some section of the beam.

Analytical solution for deflection of plate

I am a third yr undergraduate student of Aerospace Engineering department, IIT Kharagpur. I have a very simple question in strucutral mechanics. Is there any analytical solution available for deflection of plate under distributed load? The governing equation is well known and has been attached as an image file. Only classical plate theory can be considered. The boundary conditions can be taken as classical boundary conditions. So that can be any combination of a) hinged b) clamped and c) free boundary conditions.

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