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Application for P.h.D Position in Civil Engieering


  I am glad that i can get much information about P.h.D position here.Now i have been attending my p.h.d in HuNan Universtiy in China for one year,majoring in civil engineering.I am working about bridge engineering and wind resistance.In China,goverment has provides some opportunity to co-cultivate with other international University.It meas that i can go abroad for some time,say one to two years,to study.But first i should get a invitation from them.Who can give me some information about P.h.D position.any reply is appreciated.

Viscoelastic prarameters setting in ABAQUs

i'm try to do a dynamic analysis by abaqus and i faced some problems.any help is appreciated.

The structure is a 3 layers plates,a viscoelastic material sandwich between 2 steels.i modeled the 2 steel as sheel 'S8R"and the rubber as contiuum  "c3d20r",rubber is not thin. Now i don't know how to set the parameters requried by the Code.I hove some parameters abuout the viscoelastic material.,includeing shear storage modulus G(f)=exp(-2.69292)*f^(0.6937),and loss factor of the material L(f)=exp(0.60503)*f^(-0.08807), Possion ratio=0.49, where f is frequency in Hz.

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