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Fluid Modeling by Lagrangian elements


I want to extract frequencies from a fluid/structure model by ABAQUS, but fluid elements just available in Explicit library, and frequency procedure just put on Abaqus Standard, So I decide to use lagrangian element instead of eulerian for fluid. But I don't know how I can do it,

Has EveryBody a solution to extracting frequencies of fluids instead of what I mentioned?


Thanks in advanced


Frequency extraction in coupled Fluid/Structure models

Hi there

Please let me know how I can extract frequency (all or the first) in coupled fluid/structure models


Best Regards

Thanks in advanced


Tower fall Simulation


Hi Friends

I am simulating a 400KV power tower crash after cutting wires from one side by ABAQUS 6.10.

it is a 2D simulation,but I have tow Important problems

1- How I can add Body force for importing Ground gravity (g) for Beam Elements?

As I found, the elements can't carry out this kind of load 

2- How I can apply Ultimate Stress for joints? I must simulate cutting and droping every component

looking for your kindly and warm help! 

Ham. Tech. 

Please see the Attached video  

very Important,,,,,help is requested

Hi All

I have to model a beam stracture by beam element (wire) in ABAQUS/CAE, but I don't know about beam normals(N1 , N2). Tha results chandged with rotating the normals.

Can every body explain me about Beam normals


Thanks in advanced


What is "Eigen*****" in ABAQUS?


Can everybody explain me about "eigensolver , eigenfrequency , eigenmode , eigenvalue , ..."?

Thanks in advance


eigenvalue , eigensolver , eigenfrequensy , eigenmode


Can every body explain me about "eigenvalue , eigensolver , eigenfrequensy , eigenmode"?

Thanks  in Advanced


calculation of Stress in composites

Hi engineers,

I am working in fiber composites with ABAQUS, but I have a problem,

I can't calculate stress and other element variables, can you help me ?

Too,I have to use ABAQUS/CAE for model and here is my *.inp file.

Thanks for your help


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