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Postdoc position at University of Southern California

The Zhao Research Group at USC has a postdoc position starting in Summer or Fall 2022 in the area of mechanics and manufacturing of flexible electronic sensors. Candidates with experience in finite element simulation, material characterization, and sensor design and fabrication are encouraged to apply by sending a CV to Dr. Hangbo Zhao ( 

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Ph.D. positions available at University of Southern California

We have several Ph.D. positions available in our group ( in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Southern California for Fall 2022. We are an interdesciplinary group with broad interests in experimental mechanics, advanced materials, and manufacturing. Our focus areas include 3D soft electronics, engineered surfaces/interfaces, and active/smart materials. Candidates interested in these areas are encouraged to submit applications to our Ph.D.

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PNAS: Compliant 3D frameworks instrumented with strain sensors for characterization of millimeter-scale engineered muscle tissues

In this work published in PNAS (, we present compliant 3D frameworks that incorporate microscale strain sensors for high-sensitivity measurements of contractile forces of engineered optogenetic muscle tissue rings, supported by quantitative simulations.


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Buckling and twisting of advanced materials into morphable 3D mesostructures

In this work, we present concepts that allow controlled introduction of buckling and twisting deformations to the mechanically guided assembly of 3D mesostructures.

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