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HEX meshes with elastic/plastic property in ABAQUS contact analysis

Dear all,

Recently I have been running a simulation in ABAQUS, which is the compression of two hemispheres. The two hemispheres are identical, and I think the simulation results of the contact sufaces of the two hemispheres should be identical too. However, I found when I apply only elastic material property, the result is alright, when I change the material property to elastic-plastic (bi-linear), the result is very wierd (the contact sufaces are not symmetric). All of the model is with HEX mesh, when TET mesh is applied there is no such issues.

Transfer a Model in ABAQUS Explicit to Standard

Dear all,

Currently, I have got a model in ABAQUS explicit in which a periodic boundary condition has been set, while I am trying to run this model in ABAQUS standard. I am wondering if anyone knows what should I do regarding the transfer.

I have already tried to edit the step module but I cannot find the 'static' option.

Thanks for all your help.

Best regards,


Solution-Dependent State Variables Defined in Subroutine FRIC Cannot be Displayed in ABAQUS Visualization Module



I am now using ABAQUS subroutine FRIC to define some solution-dependent state variables, and I am currently able to check these values throung writing them into a TXT file in the subroutine. However, I cannot find these SDVs displayed in the ABAQUS visualization module although I have already specify them in the Field/History output manager.


I will be appreciate if anyone could give me some advice on this.


Thanks a lot,


Regarding the ABAQUS Subroutine 'FRIC'

Dear all,

I have recently using the subroutine FRIC in ABAQUS, and I found that there is a variable 'PRESS' which is specified as 'contact pressure at end of increment' in the ABAQUS documentations. However, I have extracted this PRESS in a text file through applying the subroutine FRIC in a two-block compression model, and I found that the PRESS is different from the contact pressure (CPRESS) which can be obtained from the field output and it seems that there are two values in each simulation increment.

Enable User Routine in DEFORM


I am going to use user routine in DEFORM, however, I heard that I still need to install a software as a complier called ABSOFT. I wonder if anyone knows what to do after I installed the ABSOFT.

Btw, can ABSOFT act as a Fortran complier individually just as Intel Fortran in Visual studio?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best wishes,


Obtaining Contact Results in ABAQUS Subroutine

I just found a utility routine in ABAQUS (GETVRMAVGATNODE) functioned to obtain contact information (e.g. contact pressure) detailed as follows:

Problem relating to Contact Pressure in ABAQUS Subroutine

I have already obtained the contact pressure (CPRESS) in the ABAQUS model.

NOW, I want to introduce a subroutine in ABAQUS which enables setting the contact pressure as input information, since contact pressue is the intial condition for another model which will incorporate with the existing model. I wonder if anyone can provide some suggestions on which subroutine can read the CPRESS (CSTRESS) as input information.

Many thanks!

Algorithm for Contact Pressure (CPRESS) in ABAQUS

Does anybody know the underlying algorithm for the contact pressure in ABAQUS. Is the contact pressure calculated from the stresses?

Many thanks in advance!

Tricky!!! How to read CPRESS(contact pressure) in a subroutine

I want to set the contact pressure as a input in the routine but I don't know if there is a subroutine allows reading the contact pressure.

Thanks a lot for answering the question!!!

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