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Ansys Workbench

Ansys Workbench 

I work with both Beam188 elements and

Link180 elements and would like to be joint them together.

Is this even possible, How can I achieve this

Suggestion on writing a paper

I am planning to write a paper for ANSYS conference in India.I was working on Static Structural Analysis for the past 1 year.I have experienced various glitches while solving the problem according to the terms and conditions provided, typical convergence behaviour and played with both linear and non linear contacts.

Non Linear Analysis Ansys

When Working on Ansys Non Linear Static Structural Analysis, I couldn't comprehen while defining and assigning material properties to corrosponding bodies.

When I give different random values for density in Engineering Data and runing the jobs parallely the results look SIMILAR for all the independent values, I couldn't fish out on what basis do the software is giving out results.


What design considerations should i take to lessen my deformation in the assembly.

And what changes can i implement to reduse the deformations like (Should i use some holes etc.)

Thanks in advance.

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