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coupled analysis with umat

Dear all,

I want to do coupled analysis(pore fluid/stress) in abaqus. I use a umat subroutin for define my material (that is soil). other hand I want to use void ratio in permeability. I define permeability in material but I want to use void ratio in my subroutin and the void ratio can changed and dont be constant during run. Do anybody know, how can I changed void ratio with my variables defined in umat?

Of course, I tried to use user field variables, but in window of Pearmibilty there isnt icon of "number of field variables" and I couldnt define "field" for void ratio.

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anisotropically in "GEOSTATIC" step (with distortion error)


I simulated an isotropically triaxial test with 550000 (Pa) pressure on top and side of model in "geostatic" step. I defined vertical predefined field stress 550000 and lateral coefficient 1 too. I didnt have probloms in that model and the results were right.

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WindowsSdkDir not found

Dear all,

I was using Intel Visual Fortan Compliler 11.1 with Visual Studio 2008 pro and Abaqus 6.12 to write and use subroutines in Abaqus. I had linked it properly and it was working fine before. However, today when I tried to use it, the Intel Visual Fortran compiler command window comes with an additional message that "WindowsSdkDir not found", and my subroutines are not working anymore. and when I run it, I get following erorr

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The UMAT problem with no strain and stress


I have written a UMAT subroutin. When I run, the job completes succssefully. But when I try to see results from the ODB files, I get the following error:

"The selected primary variable is not available in the current frame for any elements in the current display group"

I have tried to select the stress, strain and magnitude and all not available. Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

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keywords error in vumat

Dear all,

     I constructed a VUMAT subroutine which including 4 state dependent variables, so I wrote "*Initial Conditions, Type=Solution" in keywords. But, when I run the simulation I get this error:

in keyword *PERMEABILITY, file "Job-vumat2.inp", line 102: The keyword is misplaced. It can be suboption for the following keyword(s)/level(s): material


Analysis Input File Processor exited with an error.

    Could anybody help me? Thanks a million.

    I copy my keywords as follows.

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