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Resources of Science 2.0

Very Much thanks to Mike for introducing Web 2.0 to me, I become more and more interested to Web 2.0, Imechanica in fact is part of this.

What is Web 2.0?

What is Science 2.0?


Citation analysis? it is an old story!

I started my research on citation system with a very positve attitude about that. I have read many of scientometrics papers, but now I am completely disappoined! In the report by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) (attached) about citation statistics. I found an interesting sentence! Citation should not be used for evaluation of different papers in two different disciplines. How about different papers from two different sub-disciplines? and even two different  sub-sub-disciplines? and so on!


there are many forums in biochemistry (and in any other topic)

... and many others that i dont know!!!

 if i have a question i have to send my question to each of them one by one is there any better way?

Imechanica web has a bug in counting number of reads!!!

Number of reads increases significantly sometimes i check the posts! I use Firefox 6.0, Dell inspiron 1720, Windows Vista and also Fedora 9.0 Linux!!!. check it please!

 it is better to use number of comments for popular contents instead of number of reads.



Review papers

One of the most important things every researcher does in the beginning of his introduction to a topic is review process. Most helpful papers in this regard are review papers. Review papers are important. They are primary and best way to understand the value of a work for the societyto award and grant. They help researchers to find out needs of people who use our research and goal functions of scientific society. Help researchers to find out good topics and also good solutions. And the final effect of a research on the society.

Map of Science

Map Of Science is a good idea , this is still incomplete, low resolution! and also complex!, but good start for having a whole body visualization for science!

Another Effort is

Other Work is

Problems of researchers in third world and how IMECHANICA can help them (it is not money).

many researchers in industrial countries think the only problem of third world researchers is money but it is not true. I worked as a researcher for four years in one of this third world countries.

Computational and Theoretical research dont need much money as like as lab dependent research. because freeware and opensource became popular and (the copyright laws are not strict in these countries unfortunately).many experimental works also can be done with available facilities in these universities.

Earthquake in West China and lessons for us!

In Singapore, I have seen students who lost their relatives in last earthquake. I am very sorry about this, but I think there should be lessons for us in such disasters.  Is'nt any cheap and easy way to reinforce building in the face of earthquakes? I hope such disasters make researchers concentrate on such important topics.

Wikipedia style publication in a categorized manner!

First excuse me for my poor English. Wikipedia-Style Open publish (suggested by Mike Ciavarella) can be a logical solution for many of Current publication and evaluation system problems, currently we utilize popularity for “quality warranty” and “Ranking” of papers and authors. Such factor can be a measure for evaluating the papers and authors in the new style too. The reliability of papers can even increase by this way more, Categorization of scientific papers is one of necessities of today’s scientific network.

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