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Problem running subroutines with abaqus on 64 bit PC

I am trying to run user subroutines in fortran, on 64 bit PC. although the verification is ok and all thing is pass, but I got error as:

problem during compilation. I run succesfuly this subrutine with 32 bit pc. the only differences is fortran version in 32 bit 9.1 but in 64 bit 10.1.

any help would be gratefully appreciated.  


Print to file in Vumat

Hi every body


I would like to print some results obtained within an VUMAT to a file, for later post processing. I use the "Write(6,*) command" but it does not work. any help?



Using VUMAT in CEL analysis

Hi every body

I am trying to use VUMAT in CEL analysis, i.e. eulerian elements. I am familiar with VUMAT in Lagrangian element, but I do not know how it can be done for eulerian or coupled eulerian-lagrangian analysis. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

problem using crystal plasticity model in Abaqus via UMAT

I am trying to model polycrystal behaviour using Abaqus Umat via crytalplasticity . My Umat results for single crystal & about 5 grain, are reasonable, but when, I try to use more than 5 grain in each integration point  (polycrystal model) abaqus aborted with following message after about 15 increment:

Abaqus Error: The executable C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\6.10-1\exec\standard.exe aborted with system error code 693...


I will be happy if someone guide me about this problem.

Running user defined subrutine in Abaqus 6.7-1


when I try to run my subrutine in Abaqus I encountered with an error message: ABAQUS ERROR:
Unable to create a temporary directory" C:\program files\intel\..."
to be used for scratch files,how can I solve it? please help.


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