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Postdoctoral research associate, Research associate or a job in a company

My name is Abdelhakim Dorbane, I am looking for a Postdoctoral research associate, Research associate or a company job in mechanical or materials science and engineering fields. 

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Mechanical, microstructural and fracture properties of dissimilar welds produced by friction stir welding of AZ31B and Al6061

Friction stir welding (FSW) has been used for joining AZ31B magnesium alloy and Al 6061-T6 aluminum alloy sheets. In this regard, the current work aims to study the mechanical, microstructural and fracture properties of dissimilar FSW welds obtained by evolving the tool rotation and translation speeds. The dissimilar welds microstructure and mechanical properties are evaluated and correlated with the FSW parameters to obtain the optimum weld conditions. The results showed that placing aluminum on the advancing side of the weld resulted in better quality welds.

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Microstructural observations and tensile fracture behavior of FSW twin roll cast AZ31 Mg sheets

Defect-free joints were friction stir welded (FSW) from AZ31 Mg alloy sheets by employing optimum welding parameters for the tool geometry used. Microstructure, texture and mechanical response of the welded joints were studied to identify susceptibility of crack initiation in the different weld zones and to understand the overall fracture behavior of these welds.

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Observations of the mechanical response and evolution of damage of AA 6061-T6 under different strain rates and temperatures

Investigated in this paper is the mechanical and microstructural response of specimens cut from rolled AA 6061-T6 alloy subjected to uniaxial loading at different temperatures (25, 100, 200, and 300 °C) and strain rates (10–4, 10−3, 10−2, 10−1 s−1). It was found that the material exhibits a strain rate and temperature dependent behavior. Microstructure observations reveal grains elongated in the loading direction with the average grain size being independent of loading conditions.

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