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writing UHARD subroutine in ABAQUS - power law hardening

Hello All,

I am required to incorporate the simplest form of constitutive law - elasto-plastic material with power law isotropic hardening in ABAQUS. 

Does any one know where to look for tutorials on writing UHARD in ABAQUS?

Any help would be appreciated.


Jay Patel

Drawing a 2D sketch on XZ plane in ABAQUS!

Hello All,

I am trying to make a 2D shell layer on XZ plane. To capture buckling of shell layer with 3-point bending load, I am required to model a 2D sketch on XZ plane. Modeling this way I can use shell elements' bending degrees of freedom. But ABAQUS always pick defauly XY plane to start with. 

Does anyone know how to draw a sketch on XZ plane?


Jay Patel 

Beam to beam elements connectivity

Hello All,


Currently, I am trying to model a layered beam one on top of other. I started with 3 layers with leaving a small gap (0.01 mm) in between. I am interested in connecting the nodes of top layer (one line representing a beam) to the adjacent beam having same number of nodes through beam elements. To be more clear, merging nodes with same element type connectivity (beam to beam).

Element Weakening Method (EWM) in ABAQUS 6.12/6.13

Hello All,

Currently,I am modeling elasto-plastic buckling of laminated composites. I started with 3 layers (fiber-matrix-fiber) respresenting unit cell of composite. The model is made with material non linearity and incremental approach - Modified Riks Algorithm has been used for buckling analysis. My try would be to get plastic buckling in the model. For this I need to introduce "Element Weakening Method" (EWM) which allows user's choice to assign weak properties or reduced stiffness to the selected elements. Consequently, this helps in propagating damage.

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