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SPH modelling with LS-Dyna

Dear all,

I'm using LS-Dyna and I would like to model the interaction between a viscous fluid  and metallic substrates.

If everything is working in 3D, it's not the same with the 2D...

Indeed I've used each contact algorithm (I think) in LS-Dyna and each time the contact between my 2D elements and the sph is not initiated.

Does anyone has an explanation to this curious problem ?

Maybe I'm not using the good contact setting.

Or contact between sph and 2D elements is not available in LS-Dyna.

Can you help me ? 

VUMAT Drucker Prager Abaqus

Hello !


 I am looking for a vumat in which the drucker prager criterion is implemented. Does anyone have this subroutine ?

Is it for you to send me a copy ?


Best regards 



Differences between cohesive/interface/embedded process zone

I am PhD student and i'm working on the behavior of bonded joints under impact and i have one question :What are the differences between a cohesive element, an interface element and a embedded process zone element ?  Do they have fundamental differences or it's only a difference of the cohesive law expression.

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