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Method for Simulation of Universal Joint

Hello Everyone,

I have to simulate and find the pressure on the splines in the universal joint. I have to define contact surface and to find a simple method to run analysis on this joint. I am finding it very difficult to select all the surface on every spline. Also, it will make the simulation very big.

Could anyone please help me to find a method or an easy way out. Any kind of suggestions are most welcome.



is it possible because of Mullin's effect?


I am working on testing of rubber couplings. I have a problem, that while doing torsional test of the coupling, we are getting different values of stiffness with change in time. Even if we do the testing and then take a small break of 10-20 minutes, then also after 20 minutes I am getting different values.

My question is, that is it possible because of Mullin effect? If so, How can we check that the rubber couplings that I have are filled or not( one piece rubber or filler with some other elastomer)? 

Difference between different material models for Hyperelastic material


I am doing a project on rubber couplings and it is a bit difficult for me to decide between the material models availavle in Ansys 14. I am new to this field and want some assistance in choosing the material model. So, can anyone help me to theoroticall explain the difference between the different material models available in Ansys? 

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