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Measure Curved Edge length in ABAQUS CAE

Greetings all,

i want to know, is there any way to measure edge length ( "curves" specifically,  not looking for straight edge length  using distance between vertices as query feature :) ), and also to get vertices co-ordinates in  local co-ordinate system; in ABAQUS CAE or using python scripting.

my problem is somehow related to above query,  can manage solution with 'other' tricks, but want to know any standard methods are avaliable.

Any help is appreciated.



Create new ( multiple ) parts from existing (single )part in Abaqus

Hello Everyone,

i am kind of newbie to Abaqus, in learning phase. My question is regarding creating new parts from existing part in abaqus, kind of splitting activity similar to slice feature in ANSYS Designmodeler. As far as my regular activity in Ansys workbench, i require to slice body in designmodeler, to create new volumes, to refine mesh, or to define contacts with different status.have limited access to modeling software, so basically work with simulation software pre processor.

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