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Lecture 18--Aspects of dynamic fracture

A very breif introduction to aspects of dynamic fracture mechanics.

lecture 17. Introduction to Computational Ductile Fracture

An overview of several approaches to computational fracture mechanics for ductile structural metals.

Lectures 14 & 16; Matrix cracking, cracks intersecting an interface, and crack kinking

Matrix cracking in composites and the competition between penetration and deflection when a crack approaches an interface, and the competition between advance in the interface and kinking out of the interface for an interface crack.

Lecture 11 & 12

Buckling delamination, with two slides on 1D vonKarman plates.

Notes on Fracture of Thin Films and Multilayers

Lecture note of fracture mechanics of thin films and multilayers given at the Technical University of Denmark.

Lecture 7

Lecture 7.  Stability of large scale yielding crack growth & fracture mechanisms

lecture 5

Lecture 3

Lecture 2--KIC

Lecture 1

The slides for lecture 1 are attached.

Notes on Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics

These are the notes I wrote at the Technical University of Denmark in 1979. Zhigang Suo and I will be using these in the course on fracture and thin film mechanics (ES 242r) this spring (2007). This is a joint course with the University of Nebraska.

Engineering Sciences 242r: Fracture Mechanics of Thin Films and Composite Materials

Time. Thursday and Tuesday. 1:30-3:00 pm (Harvard University), 12:30-2:2:00 pm (University of Nebraska). First meeting: 1 February 2007

Place. Harvard University: Fairchild 102 (map). University of Nebraska: 111 Walter Scott Engineering Center

Course website (this page): node/754

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