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Illegal floating point operation

Can anyone shed some light on this particular error?

ABAQUS Error: The executable /app2/6.6-1/exec/standard.exe

aborted with system error "Illegal floating point operation" (signal 8).

Is there a possible reason for this error as I have gone through my code many times and dont find any suspicious statements that could lead to this error.  

This occured when I was running my analysis with a USDFLD and MPC subroutine

User defined MPC

I am using an MPC subroutine (ABAQUS Standard) that will allow me to release nodes along the line of symmetry which also happens to be my defined crack-path when the strain at that point crosses a critical value. This is to simulate crack propagation using the Critical Plastic Strain Fracture Mechanics Model (CPFSM) / Rice-Tracey model.

I am having trouble in defining the MPC in my *.inp file as I am unaware of as to how to define the nodes upon which I intend to impose the MPC. The manual instructs one to type the individual nodes following the command line:

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