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Output getting stuck

Hello Abaqus members, 
I am doing an explicit simulation of a simple fork and fiber system. The parts have a node to node connectivity. The fork is subjected to a sinusoidal load, and I am interested in the displacement at the tip of fiber. 

Steady State Dynamics Vs Implicit Dynamics


Hello all,

There has been
much debate about the difference between Implicit and Explicit Dynamics. I was
wondering what exactly is the difference between 'Implicit Dynamics' and 'Steady
State Dynamics (SSD)' steps in Abaqus though it has been explained a bit in the

Forced vibration

Here is how I have carried out the forced vibration
simulation. After an “intial step”, I chose “Linear Perturbation” to first
extract the natural frequency. My next step was “Modal Dynamics”. I then
applied the load in the form of a sine wave under the same step. I have an
isotropic material. When I try to submit the job, I received following warning:

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