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fracture energy critical values

Hello to everyone.

The question is as:

I want to introduce the critical fracture energies (Gic,Giic) in a mixed mode fracture analysis in Abaqus using the XFEM  or the cohesive simulation method.My material can be considered as linear, the problem quasi static and the material properties E,v and yield strength known.


I'd like to know the existence or not of a code in MATLAB or in Fortran form which can manipulate an expression of complex analytical functions,and gives me back the expression in the form of:  <expression>=u(x,y)+i*v(x,y),or in polar terms as well,where expression is something like:F(z)*z/R(z) and F,R analytical complex functions.

Thanks in any case

Ilias I. T.

Muskhelishvili's method of estimating USING COMPLEX POTENTIALS

I'm looking for resources for reading and studing concerning the Muskhelishvili's method of estimating the stresses and desplacement fields for singular states of stresses using complex potentials from given boundaries as they mentioned in Timoshenko's book 'theory of elasticity ' pages:203..209.

I tried in my school library and i found nothing.

Thanks in anycase

Ilias I. T.

cracking analysis OF a 3-points bended sandwich beam in the negative stressed area of the beam (above the neutral axis)


I'm looking for ideas-ways to model the above mentioned thema and solutions to overcome some obstacles. Here are some observations of mine:

1) Above the neutral axis of a bended beam the stress field is negative.Furthermore the traditional type of K factors estimation in Ansys is insufficient.The reason as i believe is that we haven't relative despacements of the crack nodes along  y(normal) axis.In contradiction we have shear desplacements.So i retrieve Ki nearly zero and Kii some noticable results.(using contact elements)

cracking analyses in a bended sandwich beam

I'm studying cracking analyses in a three point loaded specimen of a composed beam.I'm using ANSYS and i want to create codes for estimation of J integral and energy release rate in the vicinity of crack tip.After that i'll calculate the stresses and strains fields,and then i can compare the equivalent fields i retrived using CTOD  and K(I,II,III) factors (according to ANSYS algorithm).

My problem is that I'd like to find a relationship between the above mentioned quantities(J,G)  with K(I,II,III)factors.

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