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What fatigue damage model do you suggest to use in numerical simulations?

I want to simulate fatigue damage of foams (like PVCs). What fatigue damage model do you suggest? What model is regularly used in Industry? is there any one who simulate fatigue damage in Abaqus? Any information is welcomed...  Thanks in advance

could someone tell what should I do to run Abaqus job in High Performance Computing (HPC) systems?

I want to run a job file with Abaqus 6.14-1 Software in HPC system but we did not install Abaqus in our cluster before and I do not know how can I sure about the proper installation. I prefer to run Abaqus graphically but if it is not able, we can do it by .inp file.

the system is CentOs 6.5, 60 node that every node has 4 cpus and every cpu has 4 Gb RAM.I search in the internet but I can not find a step by step guide that explain the procedure of parallelization. 

modelling progressive impact damage in Abaqus


Iwant to model progressive impact damage problem in Abaqus. I know the theory, but I don't know how to use Abaqus to modeling damage. is there any example, tutoial or etc to help me?


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