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Help Required for cam clay soil model

Hello everyone,

I am trying to simulate the force vs displacement response when cam clay soil model containing rigid foundation is acted by the concentrated load at the interface of rigid body with the soil. I don't know why i am receiving "time increment error".

Input file

Saturated Soil Material Property in abaqus

Hello everyone,

I need an urgent help. I have no idea how to define two phase poroelastic soil in abaqus. Water and soil should be treated as two different materials rather than a single material. And how to define the poroelasticity (saturated soil). Can abaqus perform these analysis.

(1) Coupled quasi-static for saturated soil

(2) Coupled dynamic for saturated soil (the UEL/UMAT) -- this is
reported as a UMAT.

Please help me how to sdo these steps and how to define UEL/UMAT

Abaqus Academic Teaching edition limitation


Can anyone know about the limitation of Academic Teaching license for Co-simulation of Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/CFD model, can we perform co- simulation in Teaching license, i tried it but the input file was not generated!

Abaqus Query


 I am new to the FSI interaction module in abaqus, i wanted to know how to go for it, as i have modelled structure embedded in the soil domain using abaqus standard /explicit model and on which i have to model fluid striking the structure as well as the soil layer i have to use only Abaqus CFD model , iam not sure how could i model fluid in the CFD model what kind of interaction in between abaqus standard and abaqus cfd model and how could i make interaction, also how to install FSI module in abaqus cae?? it's knid of surge water striking structure!!


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