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Piezoelectric Actuator Position Constraint


I am trying to mount a piezoelectric actuator(PZT) on a plate. The PZT is rectangular and I have created a tie constraint between a surface on the bar and one of the PZT's surfaces. How do I put the PZT at a certain location on the bar in the assembly? I am assigning a coincident point position constraint between a point on the bar and a point on the PZT, is that sufficient? Thank you.


Abaqus Simulation Run Time

Hey all,

I am running a wave propagation simulation on Abaqus that requires a large number of element and a very small time step(increment). I am using the Dynamic Implicit analysis type. When I run the simulation ,it take a very long time. I even tried using a faster computer(32 GB of RAM) but that did not reduce the time by much! Is there anything I can do to reduce the time it take that simulation to complete? 

Mesh and Increment Size-Lamb Wave Propagation Simulation

Hey all,

I am simulating Lamb wave propagation in a plate and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the criteria to chose the mesh size and the time increment size. Thank you.


Electric Potential B.C. in the Dynamic/Explicit Step

Hey all,

I am trying to apply an Electric Potential B.C. to a surface. I want to use the dynamic/explicit analysis type, however, when I select that as my step type, the Electric Potential B.C. option disappears from the edit B.C. window! Is that due to a license limitation or an error I might have made in one of the definitions?

Thank you!

Lamb wave simulation in Abaqus tutorial


I am trying to generate acoustic waves in aluminum bars and plates to simulate an experiment we are performing in the lab. We use piezoelectric actuators to generate and receive the waves in the lab. I know that similar simulations have been done in Abaqus, however, I an having difficulties getting the simulation to work. Is there a tutorial or does anyone have any experience with this kind of simulation? Your help is appreciated ! Thank you.


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