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ES 240 Project Proposal - Jane Yoon, Sun Min Jung

Stress/Strain Analysis of Bullet-Holeson the Boeing 737 Fuselage Boeing 737 is the most popular aircraft in the sky today, with each one taking off or landing on average of every 6 seconds.

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ES 240 - Sun Min Jung Q15

If I were to recommend one textbook that will help students in this course it would obviously be the "Theory of Elasticity" by Timoshenko and Goodier. But you could have found that out by simply looking at the course syllabus, so I will also recommend the following books that are helpful in other areas of the course: "Mathematical Phyiscs" by Kusse and Westwig, "Mechanics of Materials" by Beer and Johnson, and "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" by Greenberg.

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ES 240 - Sun Min Jung

Hi, my name is Sun Min Jung and I am pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering Sciences. Thus I do not belong to a research group, but I am interested in doing research next semester for a 299r. I will be going into industry as a stress engineer, so this course will prepare me to have the necessary background for the job, as well as prepare me for a 299r next semester.

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