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Cyclic loading abaqus

Hi colleague


can you help me to define a cyclic load of 1 kN (120 cycle per min ) in Abaqus?

does it diifrent to use static or dynamic analysis?



Hi colleague

 does anybody know, what is this strange error :   Error in connection to analysis

i am trying to model fracture mechanics on piezoelecteric material, when i select the piezoelectric as a familiy in mesh part, then when runing the model, i recieve this error. if anybody knows how to fix it please help me.thanks 

XFEM, Damage Evaluation

Dear Colleague 

I am modelling a 2D three point bending to analysis the crack propagation , i have a question in the part of damage evaluation, does anybody know what is different between, B.K , power law and mod.independent? means when we select one of them. Thanks  

J integral - Abaqus- Crack growth-Fracture mechanics

Dear Colleague

I modeled a 2D three point specimen with a crack in abaqus, i want to plot J integral against crack extention, but  dont know how to determine the crack extention. i can get the J value from history output, but cannot plot it against crack extention. please help me in this case, thanks in advance. 

odb. file in Abaqus

Dear Colleague

i cant read the odb file from the abaqus result, please tell how can i fix it or read it. Thanks 

Help in case of modelling PIezo In Abaqus (PLEASE!!)

Hi colleage

I am modelling a Piezo Beam 2D and 3D, i have no problem with 3D when i want to apply voltage load, But in 2D, when i apply load i Dont get any results in case of stress and strain Also when i apply pressure to beam, i Must get Voltage in Piezo but nothing happend, PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS CASE; THANKS ALOT 

Model the Piezoelecteric

Dear Colleague

i want to model the piezoelectric material in abaqus, i want to analysis the stress and fracture but i have a lots of problem with this material, can you help me in this case please?! thanks in advance.


my email: 

modelling the crack in Abaqus

Hi colleage 

I am working on fracture mechanics recently and i am using Abaqus to do it, i am a new user in this software so i have some problems, in getting results and ... i want to get some variable such as J-integral, S.iF, number of cycles and ... but unfortunatelly i donno how to get it .

i want to ask if anybody can send me a sample of abaqus in this srea, then i can study and practise according to it and after that i can go through my project.


this is my email:

Modelling Crack in Abaqus

Hi everyone

I am new user in Abaqus, i read most of the posts related to the modelling the crack but unfortunately i didnt get a clear procedure, maybe it is due to my weakness in this software.

i want to model a crack in abaqus and analysis the crack propagation, actually i am working on piezoelectric material, but i want to know,  can you tell me different steps to model a crack and then how to analyze the propagation on it.

Please help me is this case.  

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