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Topic 31: Prescriptive case, Safety case and the future of Legislation 


Topic 26: The dangers associated with young and inexperienced workers in the workplace 


Topic 10: ONGC Mumbai High Accident (July 27, 2005 @ West Coast of India) (2 posts)



Topic 28: Your view on iMechanica Safety Engineering and Risk Management Debate node/13475#comment-20881 

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Topic 40: Does the value placed on human life have an effect on safety

Discuss the relationship between safety and human life, with respect to the effect of the financial value placed on human life and how an increase or a reduction in  the value placed on human life will affect the general concept of safety management.

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Topic 34: Can the application of Redundancy Increase Safety and Reliability in the oil and gas industry?

A system with a single point of failure is usually made more reliable by the concept of redundancy. Redundant members are added in structural members to reduce the likelihood of failure.

This has an effect in increasing the safety, functionality and reliability of the structure. Redundancy in Engineering is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, usually in the case of a backup or fail-safe. This is highly applicable in many critical systems.

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