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Topic 31: Prescriptive case, Safety case and the future of Legislation

Like we have established, health, safety and environmental legislation regimes have always been as a result of major accidents. The only time there is the need for new legislation is when there is a major accident. this is rather a faulty pivot for legislation formation because there is no single accident sequence that would ever repeat itself in thesame way. Why is it not possible to achieve a more robust model.

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Topic 30: Extending the life of pipeline in the North Sea what are the Safety & Risk challenges

The North Sea is experiencing another wave of technological advancement in the process of extending the life span of Existing pipelines.

A lot of the Pipelines in the North sea have reached or are close to the end of their design life and as usual the business minds who own these assets are taking steps to extend the life of the pipelines instead of just decommisioning, their argument is mainly economic i.e. the CAPEX involved. 

Is this not a potential disaster in the making. Can we properly extend the lives of pipelines and still optimize the safety case

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Topic 27: Geothermal Energy a clean, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source

( This is a very clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source. It is the heat from the earth crust. The heart of the earth is about 12000 degrees farenheit. Geothermal systems tap into this inexhaustive though not generally available energy source. Example is  Reykjavik the capital of Iceland which islocated near hot springs.

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Topic 13: Safety, Reliability and Integrity Mangement Processes and the Human Factor effect

Throughout History Man has experienced alot of severe and fatal incidences that could have been averted or most assuredly minimized if certain actions were taken or decision making processes where in place.

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