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Using XFEM with Implicit Dynamic step in Abaqus


I have used XFEM in Abaqus for static analysis. I use traction-separation cohesive behavior with XFEM.

I want to use XFEM in implicit dynamic analysis. I am using Abaqus version 6.12. As far as I know xfem was allowed only with static analysis in earlier Abaqus versions (6.9). I read that the newer versions have implicit dynamic analysis compatiblity with XFEM.

Varying Yield Strength through depth in Abaqus


I am trying to create a material model in Abaqus such that I have a varying yield strength through the depth (y-coordinate). I want a model which has maximum yield strength at the top surface and gradually goes on decreasing with y-coordinate. Is there a way to do this? Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Deepak Patil

Wave propagation simulation in ANSYS


I am trying to simulate wave propagation in ANSYS for the following model,

Model size = 1e-6 m x 1e-6 m

I am using plane 182 elements with plane strain option. The material properties are E = 74 GPa, Poisson's ratio = 0.1 and density = 2530 kg/m3.

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