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How to get the update the local material coordinate in large deformation for hyperelasitc rubber-like materials?


I want to ask things about the updation of local material coordinate in large deformation. 

Does there exist two ways for this?

1. Polar decomposition of Gradient Deformation Tensor F to get the rotation tensor.

2. Update each basis vector of local material coordinate system using modified Gradient Deformation Tensor F_bar = F*J^(-1/3).

What I cared about is the second method, is the second method available?

Wish someone could help me, : ). Thanks!! 

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Why MLPG in 3D elastic problem is so sensitive for the quardrature sub-domain?

Hi, everybody. I recently do some reserch on MLPG using in 3D problems, and I have modified the program in G.R. Liu's book.

But what makes me crazy is that I  must  always run the program many times to idenetifiy the proper quardrature sub-domain size to get the right result.

So I confused here, then I did a comparision of the various sub-domain size to examinate the effect of them in G.R. Liu's MLPG2D program. This time, sub-domain size seems have liittle effect on the result. I tried 0.1*nodalspace situation, and results has a about 20% error.

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EFG in LS-DYNA for crack simulation

Hello, everyone!

I am a graduate student in Hunan Univ, my research field is meshless method. Instead of using codes to calculate, I find EFG has been well developed in ls-dyna, and using software may be more convienient for me.  

But I can only find some introductional information, so I want to find some useful material in!


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