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(ansys) why can't I get contact result if bulk material is defined by usermat?

I tried to perform a cohesive zone analyse in ANSYS, followed the turorial in HELP file. I used contact element to model cohesive zone. and I find out that:

1, if I use standard material of ansys to define bulk element, like defined by 'MP,EX,1,2.1e5   MP,PRXY,1,0.33 ' or 'tb,biso', I can get a reasonable contact result;

2, if I use usermat file to define bulk element, 'tb,user', then the solusion also is done, but the resulte seems not correct. two part of model not contact each other but  some sections of them are coincide.

Questions about RPIM shapefunction

I am solving a simple solid mechanics problem by meshless method.  use RPIM to  calculate shape function.

when i calculate the derivatives of shape function, i found the derivative is not close to zero at the compute point, when the point is on the boundry of problem domain. and good derivative result can be got if the compute point is in problem domain. 

is there anybody has experience in working with RPIM shape function help me to fix the problem? 


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