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PATRAN boundary conditions


I would ask if someone could help me. I'm trying to aplly rotational boundary conditions on a cylinder in MSC.Patran, could someone advice me how to do it? Thanks a lot 



ABAQUS/ Explicit help


I'm trying to simulate wave propagation in composite materials using ABAQUS/Explicit but can't run the simulation (when creating and using a isotropic material it works), would be realy grateful for som tips how to solve it.



Has someone any experience with ABAQUS SPH modeling ? I would be realy grateful for some tips. 


Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) Help


I'm a student and now I'm at the beginning of studying the SPD method for my Master thesis. I found a lot of theory on the internet and in books, but what I would need are some solved basic examples (like in the Bathe FE procedures book for example) to see how does it "work". I someone could help me I would be realy gratefull.


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