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Cohesive Zone modelling

Dear all,

           I am trying to study the fracture at bonded interfaces using cohesive zone model in Abaqus. I am going through the abaqus manual but it was not clear how to insert the chosive elements in the model. How to model these chosive elements. Can anyone help in modelling the chosive elements.   

abaqus scripting

hi all,

       i am very new to work in abaqus pde enviornment. i am trying to do pin on disc wear simulation. i had created a model, parts,sets surfaces and applied boundary conditions on the model and save it in.cae file. i am now trying to open the modeldatabase from the script environment

the comman i am using mdb=openMdb(patName+'wear.cae')

when i am compiling this command the database is opened in the GUI but the features i created are not appearing there. please help me. please knidly let me know where i am doing mistake.



hi all,

        i am very new to abaqus and i want to simualte sliding wear between a pin and a disc. i found from the literature that by using user subroutines we can calculate the wear. i am not getting how to use a user subroutine , can any one expain how to use user subroutines in the CAE. is there any simple example problems in understanding this user subroutine functions. thanks in advance. 

Abaqus simulation


  i am new to abaqus , i working on a simulation of wire drawing process in Abqus explict, i had modeled the die as a Axisymmetric rigid body and the surface as a analytical rigid surface and the wire as a axisymmetric deformable body and i had given the materail properties of wire and define the contact properties between the die surface and the wire surface, when i started the simuation, there is excessive deformation of the elements in the wire, as the elements pass through the die they are trying to regain back. some please help me how to get rid of this issue.

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