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VUMAT user subroutine dealing with several integration points

Hello All,


I have some questions concerning the VUMAT subroutine, I run successfully an
analysis on one element with one integration point,
so my first question is how to code for several integration points (
nblock concerns only the material points not the integration points)?

My second question is how to write for datas dependent of temperature (like Young and shear modulus)??

Thank you all for your answers.


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Plywood box under pressure on ABAqus


Hello everyone,


I am working right now on a plywood box simply supported by wedges under a uniform pressure of 1 MPa.

The pressure is applicated through a rigid shell part layed on the top of the box ( a surface to surface contact). The bottom of the box is on contact (surface to surface) with the rigid shell wedges (2 on the corner of the box and 1 on the middle).  

As a boundary condition, all the DOF's of the wedges are constrained.    

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Prediction of failure in loaded thin steel plates


Hello everyone,


I am curretly working on predicting the failure in thin loaded plates. The plates are impacted by a hemispherical rigid cylinders at a low speed (4.53 m/s <--> Free fall from 1.05 meter) and are perforated experimentally at their center.

I tried to simulate failure with ls-dyna on a shell based model ( the sheet is very thin : 1 mm thickness Vs  130 x 130 mm ), but it seems that the failure strain measured on the tensile tests is underestimated ( the curves after the begining if necking are false).

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Tensile test under LS-DYNA

Dear all,

I would like to run a tensile test under ls-dyna of a mild steel  and
apply a 7000 N load to the dog bone specimen on a explicite scheme.

Unfortunately, I
have wild deformations ( and an error) on the nodes on edges where the
load is applied, so can you please tell me what are the importants
constants (like time termination, mass scale,...) and how to perform a
perfect run?


Have a good day,


Thank you


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