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viscoplastic analysis of lap shear solder joint

Hi all,

I am trying to model a solder joint in double lap shear. I am using the Modified Anand's Model. But for some reasons the analysis is not completing and does not gives any errors as well. Since I am new to abaqus, I am not able to solve this. Here is my input file:


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Viscoplasticity (Anand's Model in ABAQUS CAE 6.8)


I am trying to model a double lap shear in ABAQUS. In Abaqus version
6.7 and above, Anand's model can be invoked by editing keywords and
adding necessary data lines  in keyword editor. I am facing some
prblems in running the job analysis and since I am new to working with
ABAQUS, I am not able to solve the problem. The problem is, when I
submit the job the status keeps on showing "Running" without showing
any error or warnings. I have tried all both coarse and finner meshes
so i think there is no problem with convergence. 

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