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Time-independent harmonics dispersion relation for time-evolving nonlinear waves

"We present a theory for the dispersion of generated harmonics in a traveling nonlinear wave. The harmonics dispersion relation (HDR), derived by the theory, provides direct and exact prediction of the collective harmonics spectrum in the frequency–wave number domain and does so without prior knowledge of the u = u(xt) solution. It is valid throughout the evolution of a distorting unbalanced wave or the steady-steady propagation of a balanced wave with waveform invariance.

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Review: Pillared phononic crystals, metamaterials, and metasurfaces

FYI, this is a recent review article titled, “Physics of surface vibrational resonances: pillared phononic crystals, metamaterials, and metasurfaces,” which has recently appeared in Reports on Progress in Physics.

Rep. Prog. Phys. 84, 086502, 2021

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Energy-harvesting availability: An intrinsic "material-level" measure of piezoelectric energy harvesting performance

A new performance measure in piezoelectricity! This paper presents the notion of "energy-harvesting availability" -- an intrinsic material-level measure for piezoelectric energy-harvesting characterization. This contrasts with the prevailing approach of extrinsic characterization done at the structural or device levels.

Article is freely available at:

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Faculty Positions at the Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder

Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder invites applications for two tenure-track/tenured faculty position in all areas of aerospace engineering sciences.

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Call for Abstracts: Symposium on Phononic Crystals and Metamaterials, IMECE 2017, Tampa, Florida (Nov. 3-9, 2017)

The Noise Control and Acoustics Division (NCAD) is sponsoring the 2017 Symposium on Phononic Crystals and Metamaterials.  This symposium, which will be in its 13th year, will feature presentations covering all aspects of phononic crystals and acoustic/elastic/phononic metamaterials.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: March 6, 2017

Conference Website:

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Special issue on "Frontiers of Mechanical Metamaterials" in Extreme Mechanics Letters

The journal Extreme Mechanics Letters has just published a special issue on "Frontiers of Mechanical Metamaterials" featuring 14 articles. The papers "provide an ensemble of some of the most recent research themes in the field, focusing on 'extreme’ behavior in acoustic and elastic waves, mechanical response, and thermoelasticity." The editorial for the special issue is attached.

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Postdoc Positions in Design Optimization of Multi-scale Systems, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, CU-Boulder

Applications are invited for two postdoctoral positions available immediately in the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Advisors: Prof. Kurt Maute and Prof. Alireza Doostan.

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Phononics 2013

We cordially invite you to participate in Phononics 2013: The Second International Conference on Phononic Crystals/Metamaterials, Phonon Transport and Optomechanics – to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, from June 2–7, 2013. The conference covers the following themes:

(1) phononic crystals, (2) acoustic metamaterials, (3) wave propagation in periodic structures, (4) nanoscale phonon transport, and (5) optomechanics.  

More information available at:

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Journal Club Theme of April 2012: Phononics: Structural Dynamics of Materials

Engineering structures are made out of materials and as such there is a natural hierarchy in which a material’s intrinsic properties contribute to shaping up the structure’s response. It is possible however to reverse this hierarchy and engineer materials that are made out of structures. In this case, the intrinsic properties of a material are shaped by the structural response. Such a configuration can only be realized with a repeated structure, forming an array of identical unit cells.

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