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How to use the C3D27 element?

Hello, everyone!

         I want to use c3d27 element to build my model in ABAQUS. But what is disappointed is that one can only assign c3d20 element in the CAE. From the documentation, we can know that, the c3d27 element may comprised of 21 to 27 nodes. So we can make use of  c3d20 element to define  c3d27 element. However, it's boring to add at least one node to the element. Is there anyone who can give me some suggestion? Thank you in advance.


about applying load using subroutine in ABAQUS

In CAE, we can apply the concretrated force on a picked node. However, if we want to use 
subroutine  to difine a complicated force, such as moving load, then we must refer to the COORDS of a point. Because we can use the COORDS of integration points other than nodes, then how to transfer the  node load to the integration points load? Any information will be appreciated.



User subroutine interface

Is there anyone who models the Lamb's problem using abaqus ?

       As we know, 
Lamb's problem is a basic one in elastic dynamics. It can be demonstrated by a pulse applied to a half-space. Through analysis solution, one can see the sequential arrival of P wave, S wave and Rayleigh wave at a ponit which is far enough from the loading point. This phenomenon is due to the different velocities of P wave, S wave and Rayleigh wave.

        Now, I want to model the lamb problem with abaqus. But I fail to get the same result with analysis solution. Can anyone help me?


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