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is there any proper model for the fatigue crack tip stress-strain field?

dear my friends:

 I am a new one in the fatigue crack study. as we all konw, there is a crack resistant near the crack tip before its cracking. HRR model has been well testfied in monotanic crack, so i wonder whether it can be expanded to the cyclic crack situation or not! if yes, so how to describe the stress-strain distribution just nearby the tip? can we define a similar resistant value in the cyclic status?and is the stress redistribution concept right for the stress harden material?

any suggestions would be appreciated!

regards, Long

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Dear friend:

            As known to all, the magnitude of the stress/strain at the crack tip is  mathematically infinite,while it is physically finite. So,what i am concerned is how to caculate the value of the stress/strain at the tip.What's more, i doubt that  whether the CTOD is constant during the propogation process.if can i take a constant range of the limited stress/strain near the crack tip? If there is any reply ,i will be appreciated!

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how is the stress-strain field near the crack tip under cyclic loading?


i am interested in the fatigue crack growth of a cracked body.Recently,i am stucked by a problem of how is the stree-strain relationship near the crack tip  under cyclic loading.As we know,the HRR field near a crack tip under monotanic loading is well solved.So,i doublt that if the type of the HRR formulation can still be used under cyclic loading.If not,why?And how to solve this problem?if there is any suggestions or references ,i would be appreciated!

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how is the fracture stress intensity factor K caculated in ANSYS?

dear my friends!:

 i doult whether the value of K caculated by ANSYS is proper for a cracked model with Ramberg-Osgood constitutive relationship?   

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