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DEAR all

I want to knowthe following:

A circular diaphragm of 1mm diameter, is vibrating with the amplitude of 100 microns at frequency 1000 Hz. What is the sound output at 10 mm distance??

Stress Field near a crack tip with different crack fibre orientations of an orthotropic lamina

I was going through these papers:

1.P.K. Sarkar and S.K. Maiti, 'Prediction of mode-1 fracture toughness of unidirectional fibre composites with arbitrary crack fibre orientation from its lowest or matrix fracture toughness'. int. J. Fracture, vol. 40. pp. R91-R96, (1989).


2.S.K. Maiti and P.K. Sarkar, 'A method of calculation of total strain energy release rate and its layer-wise distribution for an arbitrary through the thickness crack extension in a composite laminate', Engg. Fracture Mechanics, vol. 36, pp. 639-646,(1990).



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