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PINNs for solving multiphase poroelasticity relations

Link to the paper - PINN-Poroelasticity

If you are interested in physics informed neural networks (PINNs) and coupled single and multiphase flow in porous media, please check out our work below: 

- We find it challenging to solve coupled poroelasticity relations using PINNs (data-free).

Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT - Geomechanics and Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

We have an opening for a postdoctoral researcher to perform original research on geomechanics and multiphase flow for subsurface engineering applications, with a particular emphasis on the poromechanics of geologic faults. The successful candidate will develop numerical methods to model coupled processes on high-performance computing platforms.

How to update solution-dependat variable (SVARS) during iterations

Hello everyone,

 I am implementing a uel user subroutine in ABAQUS. This uel is for modeling contact in X-FEM framework. Thus, it's a nonlinear problem and I need to store some solution dependent variables during each iteration. I know I can store SDVs in SVARS. But this vector will update at the end of each step, and not during iterations. Anybody knows about this problem?

 I really appreciate if anybody can help me with this.



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