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The limits of economy of material in frame-structures (Michell, 1904)

Somebody have the Michell's work about structural optimization??: The limits of economy of material in frame-structures. Please. I need it....if you can send it to me...please contact me. Thanks

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LATEX for Windows 7 ??

Somebody know something about the software LATEX for write in Windows 7? ..How or where get it or download it?.


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Had somebody implemented the MMA or GCMMA algorithm (Svanberg) in the 99 lines Topology Optimization Matlab code(Sigmund)?

Hello everybody,

 I need some help. I have a lot of problems trying to implement the MMA or GCMMA optimizer in the Sigmund's Topology Optimization code (99 lines). Have you ever do that?. Please, is very important for my pregraduate thesis.


 Felipe Cárdenas Díaz

Universidad de Concepción - Chile

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