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Abaqus Python : reading odb file for field frame data


I am running a python script to do some post processing on Abaqus odb file. While running it on Abaqus/Explicite output file I found it was taking more than usual time. And after timing the run I got the surprise that the most time consuming thing what just to read the time value for each frame. I have the script below.

def main():


Frequency analysis with Contact constraint



I am trying to analysis a model in ABAQUS with a plate bolted to the Bracket top surface at 4 ends. I have to define contact between them (and also bolted at 4 ends) to get the Modal frequency. But When I searched for it, I got the answer that contact doesn't work with Modal analysis as contact is a nonliner problem and Modal Analysis only solves linear problem.


Abaqus Low cycle fatigue - Hysteresis Energy Criteria



I am trying to do Low cycle fatigue analysis in abaqus, and
according to the Documentation, for bulk material damage initiation and damage
evolution definition, I can use the criteria (and type for Damage evolution) as
"Hysteresis Energy". And have to define 4 material variables C1 to

Tensor operation

I am trying to make a material model for my FEM come and while deriving Elasticity tensor I found a term where I have to do some tensor operation. It is as below

P:C:PT  where all the terms are 4th order tensors. Now I konw the result of this should be a 4th order tensor only as this term is in addition with other 4th order terms. Here any (A:B) indicates Double dot product between A and B. 

Please help me out with this if you know or suggest some good tensor calculus book where I can refer for my problem.



How to mesh squre block with a spherical particle inside

I have a squre block and inside it there is an sphere. I want to mesh the whole assembly. I can mesh the sphere but when i try to mesh the squre block with the spherical hole it cant mesh and says "it cant select the source and target face". I also tried to devide it into 8 parts. That helped me to mesh the sphere but i cant mesh the squre with spherical hole with that too. So please anyone can help me out.

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