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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Applied Mechanics Reviews

Applied Mechanics Reviews (AMR), a flagship journal of the ASME, is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and recognizes these values as pillars of a rich and vibrant scientific community. To pledge its commitment, AMR is proud to announce the appointment of two Diversity Advocates on its editorial board. For a full statement from the AMR Editorial Board, please see the editorial at the link below:


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Save the Date---2013 Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics (PACAM XIII)

The Thirteenth Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics, organized by the University of Houston on behalf of the American Academy of Mechanics, will be held in Houston on March 11-13, 2013. Please save the date! More information to come soon...

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Journal Club August 2010: Deformation Mechanisms in Nanotwinned FCC Metals

Although the nineties witnessed an intensity of research on nanocrystalline metals owing to their ultra-high strength, the early enthusiasm was met with severe disappointment due to their brittle nature and loss of structural stability. In contrast, research over the past few years has provided compelling evidence that nanotwinned structures may be the optimal motifs for the design of both high-strength high-ductility materials.

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