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Physical pendulum


I want to calculate the force of a physical pendulum with the 1.09Kg mass which is released from 91° angle and hits an object. I have set mgh=1/2mv^2 then W=1/2mv^2  (W=F*X) where x is the circel sector the pendulum travels from 91° to 0° , the pendulum hits the object at 0°, is the formula below correct to calculate the the force that hits the object?

F=(1/2mv^2)/x ??

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Asymmetric stress strain response


I need advice about how to model the asymmetric plastic response of POM in Abaqus?

The yield point in tension is 70mpa and 120mpa in compression. Also the elastic behaviour of the POM is very nonlinear and visco.

Please advice how to model these behaviors in Abaqus.


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Modeling anisotropy with abaqus


Is there anyone out there that can suggest a suitable subroutine in abaqus for modeling anisotropy. I know about the potential option in abaqus CAE that uses hill`s criteria to define different yield ratios in different directions but the aluminum alloy i`m working with is almost isotrop at yield limit but strongly anisotrop at ultimate tensile stress and in plastic strain . So i need to use a subroutine that takes all these properties into considration.

I appreciate any help

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 Ali Khajehgani

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