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Hello everybody

well i am new in modeling of polymers in abaqus. I would like to test the uniaxial test in traction of polyrethane. I did the experimental test i took the data (strain and stress) and used it in modeling in abaqus the numerical test. i chosed the hyperelastic response. My question is : 

is my choice good (hyperelastic behaviior) 

when i run the job i have no permanent deformation but when i unload the specimen return to its initial position.

Any suggestion or help please

Contact problem



Iam trying to model an orthodontic apparatus movement. Can anyone help me how to choose the type of interaction between the three parts. In attached the assembly. THE steps are : the ring will be opened then it will descend finally the ring will return to its initial position can anyone tell me how to choose interaction properties. Thanksa  lot 


elastomeric ligature


I would like to simulate the behavior of an elastomeric ligature used in orthodontic apparatus. I know that its behavior is hyperelastic can anyone hel^p me in the choice of the material property thanks a lot. 


viscoelasticity  ----ABAQUS

viscoelasticity property material


please wgo can tell me what does mean the folowings:

   -", the modulus ratio in the first term in the Prony series expansion of the shear relaxation modulus."

   -", the modulus ratio in the first term in the Prony series expansion of the bulk relaxation modulus."

and how to calculate them in abaqus


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