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Postdoctoral position in Paris (Numerical & Experimental Structural Mechanics)

Location: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, LMT Cachan, South of Paris, France
Duration: 18 month
Starting date: Between March 2011 and September 2011
Scholarship: €2000/month


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OpenTURNS: Open source initiative to Treat Uncertainties, Risks’N Statistics

For those who work in the field of uncertain mechanics, please have a look at OpenTURNS. Wrappers to link your favorite code are easy to built.


What is OpenTURNS ?

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cohesive zone modeling of interface fracture : comparisons


(for completing R. Huang's post : node/7396).

A  few years ago, some colleages (from Italy, UK and Brazil) and I proposed some comparisons of the behavior of cohesize zone models. This was presented during ECCM 2004. The paper is attached.

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