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Iterations in VUMAT

Dear all,

I' m trying to make a model in VUMAT for shape memory alloy based on Lagoudas 's thermomechanical constitutive model. It seems that It's necessary an iteration to evaluate the thermoelastic prediction.

My questions are : is it possible to use an iterative loop in the VUMAT or it's better to avoid it??Could someone suggest me a different way so that I can avoid the iterative loop?

Many thanks,



VUMAT for Nitinol --- why VUMAT and not UMAT?

Dear all,

 I'm new in imechanica. I need some informations about VUMAT for Nitinol. I would like to implement in fortran a subroutine for the behaviour of shape memory alloy.I looked for some subroutines already implemented but they have been developed in the implicit way.

It's true that with the VUMAT(explicit) I could have some problems of stability and convergence.Could someone suggest me any reason to make this model in the VUMAT?I know that in VUMAT I can't redifine the time increment so before running the analysis It's important to pay attention on Dt.

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