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Gough-Stewart robot

I am working on modelling new type Gough-Stewart robot, I have some problems in modelling. Can anyone help with this?

 M Nouri

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Boundary Element Method for Hyperelastic Materials

I am interested in using the Boundary Element Method for the hyperelastic materials. The objective of this work  is to simulate the behaviour of elastomeric or rubber-like materials parts. I am now in the derivation stage, and I intened to use Ogden constitutive model with this derivation.

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Elastomers, or rubber like materials, have many engineering applications due to their wide availability and low cost. They are also used because of their excellent damping and energy absorption characteristics, flexibility, resiliency, long service life, ability to seal against moisture, heat, and pressure, and non-toxic. It can be easily molded into almost any shape. Applications of elastomers include solid propellant, biomechanics and medical/dental, tires, gaskets, and engine mounts.

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Finite Element Method for Rubber or Rubber-Like Materials

Hello, I need help for using finite element method in modelling rubber or rubber-like materials?

Thanks in advance

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Constitutive Modelling of Elastomers

Rubber or rubber-like materials, or generally elastomers, sustain large elastic deformations. The problems of such cases are non-linear, the non-linearity came from two sources, the first one due to materials, and the second is geomertrical non-linearity. Elastomers are, also, viscoelastic, i.e. time and temperature dependent.

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