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NEW BOOK: "Precursors of IsoGeometric Analysis: Finite elements, Boundary elements, and Collocation methods", Author: C. Provatidis

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Keywords: Coons, Gordon (transfinite), Barnhill, Bernstein-Bézier, B-splines, Rational Bézier, NURBS, Mathematical Physics, Potential and elasticity problems, Acoustics, Plate bending, 3D problems, CAD-based macroelement, Domain decomposition; Ritz-Galerkin, Integral equations (BEM), Collocation methods; Statics (steady-state) and Dynamics (time-dependent problems).

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CAD-based precursors of IsoGeometric Analysis

Article title: CAD-based collocation eigenanalysis of 2-D elastic structures
Journal title: Computers and Structures
Author: Dr. C Provatidis
Final version published online: 18-Dec-2016
DOI information: 10.1016/j.compstruc.2016.11.

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