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Hi everybody,

 have you ever tried to model the damage behaviour of a material using the theory of progressive damage and failure

for ductile metals implemeted in Abaqus for continuum elements?

If so, do you think it is possible to use the same theory to model the damage behaviour of an epoxy resin?

Are there any articles in which this has been done? Could you please suggest me some articles to read?

 Thank you very much.



If periodic boundary conditions do not respect stress continuity at the boundary....

Hi everybody,

have you ever tried to implement in Abaqus periodic boundary conditions?

I am doing this. Particularly, I am applying PBC to unit cells constituted of a clay particle in an epoxy matrix.

When I apply PBC in case of transverse shear, I have convergence problems using Abaqus standard,

so I have to use an algorithm of stabilization but because of this one

I have to renounce to the stress continuity between opposite boundaries of the unit cell.

Do you think this is normal or I am doing some mistakes?

Particle size and debonding stress

Hi everybody,

do you know where I can find some informations about the relation

between particle size and critical normal stress at the interface particle /matrix

for a particle embedded in a matrix?

I read the Chen's article 'Size effect of particles on the damage dissipation in nanocomposites'

but this article deals with spherical particles. I am studying clay/matrix nanocomposites and I would like to

calculate the relation between clay size and debonding stress.


Finite element modelling fracture mechanics of polymer/clay nanocomposites

I am Cecilia. In 2007 I graduated in mechanical engineering at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

During the degree courses I took several classes on structural mechanics, including, Mechanics of Composite Materials,

Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis (with Ansys and Abaqus).

Now I am a PHD student at the Univesity of Cagliari and this is the aim of my research:

Finite element modelling of polymer-clays nanocomposites with

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